PEW Jaw Crusher

PEW series of jaw crusher is advanced technology and production practice of a coarse crushing equipment based on the absorption of the traditional crusher, basalt, limestone, iron ore, copper ore, marble and other materials of the device can be used to handle material size between 150-930 mm, production capacity in these production line can reach 12-650 tons per hour, widely used in ore crushing, construction aggregate production, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, highway, railway and other industries' raw materials needed in the production. PEW series of jaw crusher is in a variety of materials in the production line are applied, in addition to the above mentioned advantages, but also because of the operation of the equipment in the production process and reliable, high stability and maintenance is very convenient.

PEW series of jaw crusher

Basic Info

PEW jaw crusher Capacity
[Feed size]: 150-930mm
[Capacity]: 12-650T / h
[Applications]: ore crushing, construction aggregate production, construction waste crushing, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway, railway, bridge construction and other industries.

PEW jaw crusher has arguably become the industry's most popular jaw crusher, it is my company after traditional jaw crusher developed a new product, using crushing the most advanced international technology, has the characteristics of more efficient, more automated, the most suitable for the crushing compressive strength less than the 280Mpa ore and rock, slag and so on, is the preferred equipment for crushing hard, strong abrasive materials, applicable to small stone crushing and on various used for sand stone crushing. Modern highway, railway, airport runway engineering mostly basalt stone hard rock and specifications in the 3 - 7 centimeters, and the broken material hardness is relatively large, generally broken jaw (jaw crusher) not only output is low and easy to wear. The European version of the jaw crusher is relative to the two levels of the traditional jaw crusher, whether the service life, maintenance rate, failure rate has demonstrated its superiority compared with unparalleled, and supporting the use of cone crusher, stone shaping machine, the cost is the bottom. Therefore, as a perfect combination of modern technology and production practice, it is more consistent with the production requirements of modern customers.

The movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate which parts are more likely to wear?

Due to the reasons for cracking the work way, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate in the middle and lower in contact with the material more, cause the fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate in the middle and lower wear faster. In the crushing process, dynamic wear of jaw plate is mainly due to extrusion and jaw plate and the sliding plate and relative material quota. From the user perspective, there are many factors that influence machine wear of jaw plate broken, for a particular material, determine the wear of jaw plate distribution needs further on the distribution of stress and broken jaw plate were analyzed, if can effectively predict the wear of jaw plate distribution, which will provide a basis for the design and selection of crusher. Aiming at this problem, a movable jaw plate, and the fixed jaw plate will be designed into the ladder, to extend the use of time.

PEW jaw crusher Technical Data

Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PEw200×1000 200×1000 220 20-40 15-50 330 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1400×1850×1310
PEW250×1200 250×1200 220 20-40 20-50 330 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1400×2050×1310
PEW400×600 400×600 350 35-85 15-70 250 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1920×1460×1840
PEW760 760×1100 620 75-200 150-350 270 6-110 Y315L1-6/110 2600×2500×2200
PEW860 860×1100 720 100-225 200-500 240 6-132 Y315L2-6/132 3300×2320×3120
PEW1100 1100×1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 8-185 Y355L1-8/185 4140×2660×35600